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If you have entered this post, you probably already know that it is possible to earn money as an Affiliate by promoting other people’s products on the Internet.

This profession has been very sought after mainly by those who have skills to make sales, want to work online and on their own, but without the need to create a digital product.

What is Affiliate?

Affiliate is the person who recommends third-party products, whether physical or digital, in exchange for commissions received after each sale made. To do this, it promotes the links or links of the products that are available on sales platforms.

In addition to extensive knowledge in sales techniques, Affiliates are also experts in the digital market and understand everything when the issue is to increase their sales.

This happens because they constantly study the market and all the marketing strategies available to promote a product.

This profession was well known mainly after the creation of the Amazon Affiliate Program, which allowed the dissemination and sale of products over the Internet to reach a global scale.

But it was only in the year 2000 that the marketing of Affiliates became more known and became a reality around the world.

At this time, people understood the advantages of promoting third-party products and realized how that sales model was economically advantageous, in addition to being free of great risks.

In addition, the improvements of the available tools and the creation of other affiliate programs made that market grow not only focused on the sale of physical products, but mainly on digital products, such as online courses and ebooks.

How to start?

If you have been interested in this profession and want to start working on the Internet, read carefully the initial steps to start earning money as an Affiliate.

1. Learn about the digital market
If you want to work on the Internet, the first step, first of all, is to study and know everything about the digital market.

You must understand how online sales work, what resources you can use to promote products, who your competitors are and, above all, what is high (we’ll talk more about this in this post).

Believe me, it is possible to earn money as an Affiliate even if you are not very familiar with the digital market, as long as you dedicate yourself and want to learn more about this area.

Working as an Affiliate is something that depends a lot on you and your willpower. In the end, it is you who needs to dedicate a time of your day to study and learn about this profession.

A good suggestion is to follow the marketing blogs and YouTube channels that talk about the digital market.

Besides being free, they belong to people who already know the market. So, the advice you will find can help you a lot.

2. Study marketing techniques
Do you remember that at the beginning of this post we said that in order to earn money as an Affiliate it was important that you be skillful in sales matters?

Since your mission is to show the products of other people, it is essential that you understand everything about marketing.

But do not think that only those who already know the promotion strategies can start selling online.

As in Tip 1, it is possible to study marketing techniques and learn everything that involves sales skills.

There are several digital marketing courses that teach you from initial techniques to the most advanced, and you can find some that are even free. So, there is no excuse for not learning to make sales online.

Also, like blogs and videos about the digital market, you also find a lot of content that teaches several marketing strategies.

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